VHS Baseball Pictures

February 7, 2018       After School

All pre-paid orders have been placed with the print lab.
If you are interested in ordering a picture of your VHS baseball player, please call me at: 941-321-0640


Jenny Waring

Congratulations on making the VENICE HIGH SCHOOL BASEBALL TEAM!!!!

It is an honor to be invited back again to photograph the players and team.

  • Individual athlete portrait packages start at $34.
  • Individual athlete and team portrait packages start at $48.
  • Team only picture starts at $15.
  • "Friend" portrait packages are available as an add-on and start at $34.

After choosing your basic package, you will have the opportunity to order optional add-on items.



If you have any questions,
please feel free to call me at: 941-321-0640
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Jenny Waring

Sample Team Pictures

Sample Individual Portraits

Sample Friend Portraits

Available as an add on with the purchase of an individual portrait

Registration & Pre-Orders

I love to be 100% prepared when I show up on portrait day.

Please help me by completing your registration and pre-order no later than 12:00pm on picture day, February 7, 2018





Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.