Family Portrait Sessions

I offer family portraits in a relaxed atmosphere with a focus on relationships.


Family portrait session & print collections start at $490.


If you are interested in learning more about my family portrait sessions, please contact me for details.

Booking Your Session

The preferred way to book a session is in person at my Venice gallery. It is here that we will discuss the details that will make for a perfect shoot and also when I will be able to answer any questions you might have. If you prefer, this can be done over the phone or email.


Setting is an important consideration since the right backdrop framed with the proper light can add so much to the picture. I offer the flexibility of working in any setting of your choosing; whether you decide to use your home or another location.

Selecting your home as the setting brings an element of warmth and comfort that comes from having a backdrop of your cherished possessions. From a favorite toy to your child's nursery the possibilities are virtually endless; whether using studio or natural lighting.

For sessions involving one or two subjects, I also offer the option of creating a studio setting in your home using a studio backdrop and lighting.

Location settings are a wonderful and popular way to add something different to the setting. The perfect spot on a favorite beach; a park setting offering a glorious backdrop of old Florida charm; a favorite seat in that restaurant where you first fell in love. Using natural lighting and your choice of settings, I will capture your memories framed by your favorite backdrop.

A favorite keepsake can make a memorable picture magical. Although I do not supply props and do not generally use them you are more than welcome to bring items to your session.  Please remember that simpler is always better.


So much more than props, clothing can create moods or make bold statements. In session photography, I have found that simple is best. If you avoid stripes, busy prints or clashing colors you will find a finished product focused on the subject rather than what they wore. The choice is, of course, up to you however I offer the following suggestions as guidelines:

Babies can be clothed in simple diaper with a diaper cover. I have also found that some of my most endearing images of babies are taken when they are clothed in nothing at all.

Children can be dressed in classic clothing. Solid colors, denim or simple white work very well. I prefer simple clothing as it allows me to focus on the child, not the clothing.

Adults may choose simple khaki or denim pants with a solid color button-down shirt or blouse. Khaki or denim shorts with a solid color polo or blouse are a great way to simplify clothing choices.

Dressing families in similar colored clothing is one of the simplest ways to create a visual cue of "oneness." Khaki or denim pants with similar toned shirts are a wonderful way to say, visually, "We belong together."

After the Session

Once the proofs are ready, I will make the images available online for viewing for a maximum period of three weeks.  This will allow you ample time to make your image selections and also to show them to family and loved-ones who might want copies.


Once you have had a chance to view the images, we will set up an ordering session.


The timeline for delivery of prints is from four to six weeks after payment.  I am sure that you understand that quality and time are intimate friends and I thank you for your patience.  


Session fees are due at the time you book your session.

Payments for print orders are due when the order is placed and before processing can begin. Payment can be made by cash, check or credit card.  It is also important to note that sales tax of 7% must be added to all orders regardless of the location of the session.

I will archive images for a period of one year after the session allowing you to place additional orders during that time.

Legal Notice

All images remain the property of Jenny Waring Photography and are covered by applicable copyright law.  For this reason I ask that you do not attempt to make copies of the images I make for you since this is illegal without the written consent of the artist.